Recognition Best Practice mission is to enhance organizational performance through

Workforce, Stake holder, environment and Society recognition by:

1- Providing access to best practice standards, education, research and the exchange of ideas creating

2- Opportunities to grow professionally in SDGs achievements

3- Advocating recognition and engagement sustainable strategies as a means to promote organizational excellence

We believe that sustainable performance is the key to success for any organization. We know, based on Extensive academic, scientific and business research, that sustainable performance is enhanced by Systematic Employee Recognition, defined as:

“The acknowledgement of an individual’s or team’s desired behavior, effort, or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values.”

The Standards have been designed to be useful for the creation and evaluation of recognition programs in the public and private sectors, large and small organizations, and organizations with single or multiple locations or functions.


There are 5 Best Practice Standards:
Standard 1. Recognition Sustainable Strategy based on SDGs
Standard 2. Management Responsibility
Standard 3. Recognition CSR criteria
Standard 4. Recognition Research and Training
Standard 5. Recognition Events and Celebrations