SDS Int’l Group has joined over 1000 academic and research institutions who are members of United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) in June 2016. The formal enrolment of SDS Int’l Group in the United Nations Academic Impact has approved by their Chief Executive Officers.

“Sustainable Development Strategy International Group (SDS Int’l Group)”,

Was founded at 1998 on the belief that economic growth and environmental sustainability are not merely compatible objectives; their integration is essential for the future of humankind.

We work with partners in the public and private sector in developing and emerging countries around the world to put green growth at the heart of economic planning.


Our activity fields in brief are as following:

Business Law Consulting and Legal Services to Companies

Business Development

Social Innovation implementation

Financial & Investment Consulting 

Branding and Re-branding Services

IT and network services

Research and Training

Implementation Management Systems

CSR and CG audit and Consulting

Technology Development & Commercialization

Oil and Gas Consulting

Sustainable Health Programme Provider

Hosts Kharazmi Forum Annual Conference on Sustainable Technology Development.


As a Member of the UN Global Compact, SDS Group put the 10 principles of this compact, the 8 UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as its main policy.

As a Professional Service Partner of United Nation Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI); SDS Int'l Group is committed UNPRI 6 principles in Responsible investment, ESG (Economy, Social, and Governance) Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance.

As Signatory of Paris Agreement (COP21) and Montreal Carbon Pledge, We commit to measure and publicly disclose the carbon footprint of our investment portfolios on an annual basis.

As a Member of The Global Movement for Children (GMC) campaign we Effort to build a world fit for children.


Click on the file below to download the UNAI Members List; July 2016